Back Pain Doctor Ridgewood NJ

Don’t wait to get to a back pain doctor if you suddenly find yourself in pain. Studies have shown that the quicker you seek treatment, the better chance you have of improvement. At Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics you will be accurately diagnosed, treated, and on your way to being pain free as quickly as possible.

Whether your pain is chronic or acute, back pain specialist Dr. Joshua Rovner will give you a treatment plan designed to greatly reduce your discomfort within six weeks. Using his unsurpassed expertise and exhaustive list of non-invasive treatment options, surgery can often be avoided.


Back Pain Specialist Ridgewood NJ

Many people fear that surgery will be necessary to effectively treat their back pain. This is often not the case; Dr. Rovner specializes in non-invasive treatment options tailored to each patient’s needs. However, in the event that surgery is required, his fellowship at the elite Twin Cities Spine Center highly qualifies him as your back pain doctor.

For an expert back pain specialist, call Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner. His office specializes in eliminating chronic back pains and conditions, and he was the 2011 Patients’ Choice Award winning doctor. Rid yourself of back discomfort today by making the call to (201) 227-1299. Stop back pain now.

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